INDULGENCE - Mobile Beauty Therapy
INDULGENCE - Mobile Beauty Therapy

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage was firstly used by women of India to keep their hair in beautiful and healthy condition. Indian head massage improves circulation therefore increasing the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles, revitalising hair growth. This also makes the treatment beneficial to men and could help sufferers of alopecia. The main benefit being of deep relaxation and stress relief. The massage can be performed fully dressed without oils or without a shirt but covered with a towel and oil used to help slide on the skin and give moisturisation. The client is seated, then the massage covers the shoulders, top of arms, neck, scalp and face and it takes half an hour to do. The treatment will leave you calm and relieved of aches and pains. It can make you feel energised and awake or sleepy and peaceful.

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