INDULGENCE - Mobile Beauty Therapy
INDULGENCE - Mobile Beauty Therapy

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The award winning Caci micro-current system is the most popular and successful non-surgical facelift and body treatments available to date.
Caci is now a house hold name and sought after by many including a vast array of celebrities.
The Caci Quantum machine is able to treat both the face and body at the same time producing amazing results.
The micro-current facial techniques, in conjunction with a combination of faradic and galvanic, slimming and toning applications works to restore and redefine muscles. Lines and wrinkles are reduced whilst tightening and toning sagging muscles.
The machine has advanced programs for slimming, contouring, cellulite, lymphatic drainage, facelift, wrinkles acne and scar tissue.
The machine was created by Dr Thomas Wang and had 20 years of medical research behind it.
The treatment for the face is very relaxing and the results are the skin is firm and radiant. The body treatments are also very effective you feel your muscles toning and feel rejuvenated.

The facial and body Caci treatments are most effective when taken in a course of ten. This is because the muscles and skin gradually tone over the ten treatments.
It is recommended that you have three treatments per week for the first two weeks, two treatments per week the following two weeks, then one maintenance treatment per month as a top up.


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